About Us

Didi Photo colorDidi Ananda Samprajina (Didi) is a yogic nun of the Ananda Marga Social and Spiritual Service Mission. Didi has been teaching yoga and meditation in Taiwan, Sweden, Russia, California, Malta and Malaysia during the last thirteen years.

In year 2000 she dedicated her life to become a yogic nun and meditation teacher according to Ananda Marga and P.R. Sarkars teachings. Those teachings have two main principles, service to others and self realization. She underwent an intensive spiritual training for four years during which she was isolated from the world and practiced hours of meditation and yoga everyday. In 2003-2004 she was running Yoga House in the old city of Stockholm, Sweden.

She is a certified Ananda Marga Yoga and Yoga Alliance teacher. Didi has also undergone a training in MediYoga, at the Institute for MediYoga in Stockholm, Sweden. Didi is a certified Enneagram coach. The Enneagram is a model for human development and a tool for developing more understanding for others and oneself.

Before Didi chose to dedicate her life to become a yogic nun, she underwent training in theater, movements, acrobatics and clown in Denmark and California. This is now a foundation in all her teachings and makes her workshops fun and interesting.