Yoga in Borneos Rainforest



Nuluhon Garden Retreat Center is a fantastic place situated on the northern part of Borneo. Embraced by the rainforest and infused with a calm and peacefulness that deeply effects your mind, Nuluhon is the perfect place for yoga and meditation practice. Nuluhon is run by Shone and his wife Kathie along with Shones parents and family, helping out when needed.

If you take the little winding path behind the house, and follow the path for a few minutes, you end up at a some very natural looking pools and a small waterfall that melts into the nature. Thats a perfect place to go for a dip when the day gets too hot.

At Nuluhon you also share your time with a couple of cats and three roosters along with their hens. Big beautiful butterflies fly by when we do yoga at Nuluhon.

The rooms are either four beds, double beds or single rooms. A few of the rooms are build in traditional Malaysian style. Nuluhon is on top of a hill, so as we do yoga, we look out over a valley of rainforest and it feels like you are in a big tree house. Day and night you hear the sounds from the many birds and insects.

Stay Another Week

For those that think it is very far to go all the way to Borneo and just stay one week, there is an opportunity to stay one week extra. In that week there are no workshops or yoga sessions, this is just your own time.

During this week you have a chance to go for a three day tour to a little paradise island just outside the cost of Borneo. The island is called Mantanani and is made of coral beaches surrounded by a  turquoise blue sea. We live in houses with stilts just by the beach, so when you go to bed at night the sound of the waves lulls you to sleep.

There are possibilities around the island for diving and snorkeling and even night time snorkeling. To get to the island, we travel by bus up the coast from Kota Kinabalu for about an hour until we arrive at a small jetty. From there we take a speedboat for 45 minutes out to the island where we are welcomed by the warm and friendly young staff at Mantanani.

We live at the island for three days and two nights, from March 4-6. The price includes journey, accommodation, some of the snorkeling and food.

When we return from Mantanani, you can stay a few days extra at the Nuluhon Garden Retreat Center.

From Nuluhon, you can do tours into Kota Kinabalu or other places nearby or you can just stay at this wonderful retreat and enjoy the peace and quietude that Nuluhon Garden offers.

The Retreat Center is situated about 30 minutes by car from town. A taxi costs around $15.

Tours During the Week

Waterfall in the middle of the rainforest (included)

One of the tours goes to a waterfall, where you can swim and enjoy the cool rocks in the rainforest. You can take a leisurely walk and enjoy the big beautiful butterflies that fly around between the flowers and trees.

Traditional Cultural Village (included) 

At Mari Mari Cultural Village, we will be introduced to the aboriginal culture of Sabah, Borneo and the different original tribes. We get to see performances with traditional dance, and you will even get a chance to participate in it!  The cultural village is situated half an hour from Kota Kinabalu City and only five minutes from where we live. A river to cool down in runs by close to the cultural village and the cultural village is located just at the beginning of the rainforest. Read more about Mari Mari Cultural Village here.

Traditional Borneo Massage on spa (included)

One of the afternoons in the beginning of the week, we will go to Kota Kinabalu city and visit the South Sea Sanctuary Spa. We get treated with a traditional Borneo massage that takes around an hour. It is a wonderful massage that works deep into your tissues and help you relax to the core. You can read more about the spa here.

Full day tour to Mount Kinabalu (not included)

We go on a whole day tour visit to Mount Kinabalu. Together with us, from the start of our tour, we have a guide that tells us about Sabah, Kinabalu mountain, the history and culture of Borneo and also about the biology of Borneo.

In the morning we visit the mountain, a museum and take a walk in a botanical garden. We get a vegetarian lunch and in the afternoon we visit Poring Springs, warm springs where you can take a bath and enjoy. Here is also a chance to walk in the canopy walkway which is a walkway that is going between the treetops around 3o meters up in the air. There is also a chance to see a Raflesia, the worlds biggest flower that can be up to one meter in diameter.

Included in this trip to Mout Kinabalu: Transport (2 hours back and forth), guide, lunch, entrance to museum and botanical garden, bath in warm springs, entrance to Poring Springs, walk in the Canopy walkway.