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Joyful Journeys Yoga Holidays Program

Daily Yoga Sessions

Every day you participate in a 90 to 120 minute yoga session both morning and evening. The yoga sessions include movements (asanas), yoga dance, self massage, meditation and guided deep relaxation. Read more about which kind of yoga that is being practiced on Joyful Journeys trips here.


During the week you will be gradually introduced to meditation practice. If you are already an experienced meditator, there will be time for your own practices as well. We also offer personal meditation guidance by experienced meditation teachers.   To practice meditation leads to a state of calmness, peacefulness and well being. But most of all it is a journey towards our own deepest self and the infinite aspect of ourself that we can find hidden deep within our innermost self.



During the week there will be a few workshops to give you a deeper understanding in yoga, meditation, yogic diet, detox and healthy eating. In the yoga workshop we look at the history of yoga, what does yoga really mean and what are its foundations. You get a deeper understanding of your mind and the goal of meditation in the meditation workshop.

You come to understand how your mind works and how you can use it in your meditation practice. Through the workshop on yogic diet and detox you get a chance on reflecting on your diet and get some tips for healthy eating for both body and mind.

Food and Health

As much as the location allows, we try to use locally produced and organic food. The diet on Joyful Journeys trips is always a vegetarian yogic diet, or also sometimes called a sattvic diet. We combine this with a lighter version of a detox diet. All gluten, milk products (except fresh yoghurt), sugar and white rice is omitted.

We eat plenty of fruit, vegetables, brown rice, nuts and seeds.We are striving to give you a wonderful taste experience at each meal.

Qi Circle

2013-04-24 06.25.46We arise around 6.30 am to utilize the fresh and rejuvenating morning energy. The day starts with the qi circle. This is a cleansing and detox procedure for the whole body. We sing and move to the Baba Nam Kevalam mantra, do some breathing exercises and then do a simple flush of our system with warm lemon water.

The Tours

We choose tours that are special. We also think they should be fun and
interesting. The tours on Joyful Journeys give you a view into the culture and the history of the country that you are visiting. Simply, you will have a wonderful experience on your tours!
IMG_5568Every trip has some tours included. There are also extra tours to add for those who like. On some of the tours we have guides that tell us about the history and culture. We think it is very important to have knowledgeable, professional and good guides with us.