Give a Helping Hand

An important part of Ananda Marga and Rajadhiraja Yoga is service. It is based on the philosophy of Neo-humanism, the idea and feeling that we are all connected and that we need to proceed and develop together. We cant leave anyone behind. We need to care for and support each other so that everyone can feel good, be healthy and grow. Not only human beings, we need to include animals and plants in this embracing love as well.

We have taken two projects under our wings and made the commitment to support one of these projects in connection with each trip. We are in good communication with these projects and their project leaders.


Hearts2Africa is an NGO started in Sweden to support women and children in Africa. It was created by a group of people that wanted to support and also be able to follow their contributions and see the results of their collected funds.

Hearts2Africa is a group of people that see the possibility of giving help to self help and are willing to engage themselves both work wise and financially to support and create a better world for all.

Hearts2Africas values:

– 100% of all the collected funds go to the projects

– All administrativ costs are payed by the membership fee, never by the funds raised

– We have regular contact with the project leaders

– All the work in the organization is on a volunteer basis

– All work is executed with respect for the environment


The mission of AMURTEL  Romania is to create inclusive programs for the economic and holistic personal development of children, young adults and parents at risk of social exclusion, as well to intervene in disaster relief situations.

A beautiful sparkle exists in the eyes of every child. AMURTEL Romania  focuses on programs that protect, strengthen, educate, uplift and inspire those that are vulnerable due to social and economic disadvantages.

Familia AMURTEL (Childrens Home)

Familia AMURTEL has been offering a loving, warm, creative and healing home to children whose parents were not able to take care of them since 1992. The home located in Panatau, a small peaceful rural village in the Eastern Carpathian Mountains, and was designed to offer an alternative to the overcrowded and negligent Communist state institutions.

Fountain of Hope (After School Center)

This After-School Center offers support to schoolchildren from the rural village of Panatau to continue their education, offering hot meals and homework support for up to 30 of the most socially disadvantaged children in this small farming community.

Sunrise Kindergartens: Inclusive Neohumanist Education

The Sunrise Kindergartens in Bucharest actively model an inclusive approach, integrating children with special needs into a kindergarten curriculum specially designed to emphasize social inclusion from an early age in all of the children.