Words from Our Participants

Here on Borneo I have experienced a few of the best days in my life. An incredible beautiful destination, beautiful nature, good food and interesting tours I bring home with me as fine memories. But most important of all, peace in my soul, harmony and a calm mind. My body feels strong and full of energy. Thanks Didi and all fantastic co-travellers for a wonderful time together!


Body, soul and mind are more than satisfied! Yoga, healthy food, interesting workshops, well arranged interesting tours and a fantastic living! With Joyful Journeys the term ”all inclusive” got a totally new meaning. Thanks Didi!


It was the concept that attracted me to spontaneously book this trip. I have been filled with peace, energy, joy and community from our wonderful retreat center, Nuluhon, all the tours and the fantastic Mantanani island. A special thank you to you Didi who has planned this trip so well and the care you have given us all through your engagement. Thanks also to Kathie, Shone and Charlie who has really taken well care of us!



Everyone was very curious about the trip and its contents when I came back home. I told them with both body language and speech about most of it. One can directly feel the energy that this trip has given as I speak about it. They said at work that it was very obvious I had been away on something that gave happiness and energy. When one close eyes or think about this trip it is like one is back again…mmm….lovely. Thanks Didi for the week, it lacked nothing.



2013-04-25 10.20.26

A week rich in both inner and outer experiences. Soul, body and mind has got satisfied in a beautiful combination. A big thanks to Didi and my co-travellers who has created a warm, relaxed, intresting, humouros, full of learnings and beautiful yoga experience.


To start the year with yoga and meditation in a djungel like a fairytale, with our own creek and end it at a paradise island with white coral beach and azure blue water is something one can experience with Didi and Joyful Journeys. Thanks for a fantastic time of experiences but also stillness. I am going home filled with peace, energy and happiness that I chose this trip.

Wonderful to meet so many new people and Didi, you, who have made this possible. Baba Nam Kevalam.


A trip with balsam for the soul, mind and body. As a beginner I am so grateful to learn the foundation of yoga in this way. I am leaving this peaceful, exciting, energy strong place with fantastic memories for life. I have got a highly concentrated vitamin injection, a well being and harmony to carry with me on my onwards journey through life. New joyful acquaintances and meetings, exciting and beautiful destinantion and inner discoveries. Thanks to all for two memorable weeks and an extra big thanks to you, Didi for a very well delivered week! Baba Nam Kevalam!


Very professionaly designed yogatrip with workshops, tasty and healthy food and great living.  All of that spiced up with exciting tours and good moments of just being. Thank you Didi for a superbly completed yoga trip.


Thanks Didi for another fantastic yoga trip. This time at Nuluhon Graden Retreat, a wonderful place for frozen Swedes to melt. Yoga, healthy food, massage and different workshops was on the schedule. Aside from that we did interesting tours in the surroundings. Body, soul and mind became like new again. After the yoga course we also had time for a few days snorkling and sun at a paradise island in the south chinese sea. Thanks to all wonderful participants who filled the trip with warmth and joyous laughs.

Thanks to Kathie and Shone and Charlie at Nuluhon for thoughtful hosting and good food. Your best yoga trip so far, Didi – totally perfect! Thanks!



A fantastic journey, far from the ordinary!  You return home with a peaceful soul and a body in balance.


It was really an unexpected total experience for body, soul and mind! And for the normal tourist being also. To share this with a group of people that has the same motivation as myself, to be professionally guided in yoga, meditation, detox and tours to discover ones inner self – and the beautiful framing – made me relax and be able to enter into something new. Everything was perfect! Thanks!


Fascinating journey with nice people, variations and exchanges, tours and good food. To get a chance to dive deeper into the new world that opens when you start to do Yoga. To learn something new to take home.


When I came down to Malta, I was tired, stressed and worn out. As the week went on, I was filled up with all that which is so good for the soul, body and the stomach. I came home NEW, harmonious and filled with energy. Can it be better?


Thank you for wonderful days on Malta and Gozo! I arrived stressed and tired and only after a couple of days, I was myself again. Yoga, meditation, healthy food, wonderful surroundings and a warm and professional care had a greater effect than I ever could dream about. I got my own personal yoga program and I have done it everyday since I was on Gozo. I feel healthier, happier and have much more energy. Thanks!

2013-04-20 14.55.32Eva

Personally designed yoga poses together with meditation, workshops and interesting tours on Malta and Gozo. Everyday something new and exciting. Pleasure was combined with benefits in a nice and well planned way.


Coming into the week, I was expecting rest, learning, good food, lots of nice yoga and of course, some fun and play. I got more. I also received community and connection, new personal discoveries and growth, and an incredibly easy and supportive environment to do so. My intentions were both realized and expanded. I will definitely go back and take whoever I can with me!


A peaceful pause in my everyday “routine” to recharge, regroup and bring awareness to nurturing myself. I especially enjoyed collective cooking, yoga, the green clay masks and learning various techniques and models like the enneagram to help me better my understanding of myself and others. I look forward to the next journey with great joy!