2013-04-25 12.30.36What is yoga?

Yoga means to unite. In the west, for the last couple of years, we have seen yoga literally explode and you can find almost more yoga teachers than yoga practitioners in the big cities around the world today. Unfortunately, we have peeled off a lot of what is actually yoga and embraced only a very small part of yoga which suited our society, culture and mindset.

But yoga does not only consist of a number of physical postures and is not only a physical and mental practice. Yoga is a way of relating to life. Yoga is 24 hours a day. Yoga is about becoming a conscious human being.

2013-04-24 05.56.27The final goal of yoga is to experience oneself as part of everything and in no way separated from the rest of creation. In that state, you experience infinite happiness, total stillness and you know that you are unconditionally loved, always.

Joyful Journeys Yoga Holidays are focused on both body, mind and soul through good, healthy food and detox, physical yoga postures, meditation and chanting, deep relaxation and personal self reflection.

What type of yoga is practiced on Joyful Journeys Yoga Holidays trips?

IMG_5859The yoga we practice on the trips is called Rajadhiraja yoga and is based in Patanjalis system of Ashtaunga Yoga.

Ashtaunga yoga means eight limbs of yoga and includes ethical guidelines (yama and niyama), physical postures (asanas),  withdrawal techniques of the mind, concentration practices, breath exercises, dhyan (deep meditation) and also a practice of complete enlightenment.

The poses are similar to those that are practiced in Hatha yoga, Raja yoga, Iyengar yoga and other styles of yoga. The difference in Rajadhiraja yoga asanas is that the poses are repeated several times, usually for four or eight times and that you hold your breath for about eight seconds in each pose.

This makes the asana work deep on nerves and glands and leads to a release of energy which makes you feel relaxed, calm and at the same time filled with lots of energy after a yoga session. It also creates an effect that stays with you, long after the yoga session is over. In Rajadhiraja yoga asanas the practice is calm and contemplative and gives you more energy and increased consciousness.

Every session is always concluded with a self massage which work to help the lymphatic flow in our bodies. During asana practice our sebaceous glands produce a fine secretion, this is very beneficial to gently rub back into the skin. It is also just a beautiful thing to get in touch with every part of your body after a session.

I am not very flexible, can I still do yoga?

Many persons believe you have to be very flexible to be able to do yoga. This is quite a common misunderstanding.

It doesnt matter how flexible you are and the goal of yoga is not to become flexible or get a beautiful body. When we practice yoga we focus on finding  harmony between our breath, movement and intention and how they flow together. We try to become conscious of ourselves. The most important in yoga is to be present in body and mind. You just need to be what you are right now. Nothing else is needed.

What does a yoga session look like?

Every day you participate in a 90 to 120 minute yoga session both morning and evening. The yoga sessions include movements (asanas), yoga dance, self massage, guided deep relaxation, chanting and meditation.

What are the benefits of yoga?

Yoga effects the endocrine glandular system which leads to a balanced hormone production. This in turn, affects our cakras and it all leads to good health for both body and mind. Body and mind is touched on a deep level through the combination of movement, breath and intention.

– Gives endurance, strength and flexibility.

2013-04-26 08.51.00- Strengthen your vitality and energy

– Increases your body awareness

– Release tensions and pains

– Leads to inner peace and harmony

– Gives better ability to handle stress

– Raises your quality of life and spiritual well being

– Gives endurance and concentration power


– Opens new perspectives and ways of thinking

– Leads to increased confidence and more self insight

– Helps to identify and overcome negative habits

– Creates harmony between body, mind and spirit


Kaoshikii – A Yoga Dance

Kaoshikii is a yogic dance that was invented in 1978 by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti.  It is aimed to develop both body, mind and spirit.

Watch the video for how to practice and read about the benefits below.


1.It exercises all the glands and limbs from head to foot.
2. It increases longevity.
3. It makes for easy delivery.
4. The spine will become flexible.
5. Arthritis of the spine, neck, waist and other joints will be removed.
6. Gout in the spine, neck, hand and waist will be lost.
7. The mind becomes strong and sharp.
8. Irregularities in menstruation will be cured.
9. Glandular secretions will become regulated.
10. Troubles in the bladder and urethra will be cured.
11. It gives control over the limbs.
12. It adds charm and shine to the face and skin.
13. It removes wrinkles.
14. It removes lethargy.
15. It cures insomnia.
16. It cures hysteria.
17. Fear complexes will be removed.
18. Hopelessness will be lost.
19. It helps in self-expression and develops one’s potentiality.
20. Spinal pain, piles, hernia, hydrocele in men, nervous pain, nervous disability will be cured.
21. It cures kidney and gall bladder troubles, gastric trouble, dyspepsia, acidity, dysentery, syphilis, gonorrheae, obesity, thinness and liver diseases.
22. It increases the capacity to work until 75-80 years of age.